Jay and jay

Jay and jay

Off What Goes Around, dropping August 19th on Showoff/Duck Down Music…

Raekwon- Footsteps in the dark #Tbt3

These Tron Jordan’s are not real, but they should be.

These Tron Jordan’s are not real, but they should be.

A queen and her crown

A queen and her crown

Every woman walking this earth has a crown upon her head.

No matter the shape, the size, the color, or what day of the week. A woman’s crown is her proud and joy.

Even as young as 2 (my baby), a woman’s crown is the one thing a man has to step back and let her be her and don’t complain. This crown is cared for and cleaned daily.

Some women even go as far as using substitute crowns.


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Mr. Mom

I’m old enough to remember the movie Mr. Mom and Mrs. Doubtfire. These were sub-par movies with great actors in the title role.

After being stuck in the house with all these women with snow every other day when the weather person keeps telling me spring is around the corner, I feel like Tom Hanks and Robin Williams.

The misses gave me the idea for this post. She looked at me the other day, “look…

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The battle continues

The battle continues

I have to admit defeat. The war over who can get some space in the bathroom is a war I will no longer fight.

These females win. Man, I can’t complain any more about getting a inch in the bathroom. It is a losing battle.

I tired. I put up a good fight. But it was a battle that I could never win.

I will have to accept that hair care products will cover my sink.

I have to accept girly smells…

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To date or not to date

That is the question.

What do you do with a teenage girl who is starting to go boy crazy? Well you let her date. Granted, she has to do it under your rules.

You can’t hold her back forever. You let her taste the dating waters and she will get over the…

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New age bullies

When I was coming up, my elders (mom, dad, grandma, granddad and others) reared us on old school values. Those values were passed on from time to time. The times changed, but the basic core values stayed the same.

In today’s times, mom and dad’s lessons…

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Broadway Joe

Broadway Joe

DC boy/Father/#teamiphone/life is easy, other people make it hard


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